February 14, 2018


The holiday that is celebrated as Valentine's Day is completely made up by the materialistic and capitalistic agenda. There was a historical martyr who was killed for secretly marrying Christian couples during a time when it was forbidden. And this is significant for several reasons, because I can see our culture drifting towards attempting to make it illegal once again for Christians to marry, but that truth is not what is discussed on the holiday celebrated by this name. The world likes the money making aspect of the holidays, but wants to remove the Christian significance. And this holiday is no different.   Mostly started by greeting card companies and embraced by jewelry distributors because it stands to bring great profits to their companies by simply selling a desired concept - Love.

The truth of the matter is that love is much greater and stronger than any card, flowers, candy or jewelry can represent.  Yes, we all like to receive gifts. Yes, we appreciate that someone thinks enough to invest in showing how much they care.  There is no question about that at all.

Love is spiritual. Love is a spiritual act. Love is about positive impact in the life of another person.

Love is essentially at the core of the human ability to understand how much God considers humanity (John 3:16).  God's love can be gentle and kind, but God's love can also be redirecting and correcting.  This is not the way that the marketing world wants you to see God's love.  The little fat angels with arrows are completely different from the might angels that move at God's command.  In this same way, the world shrinks love down to a materialistic expression.  When in truth everything about God's love is mighty.

In this way, when God becomes the binding force in a relationship it becomes unbreakable. (Eccl 4:9-12). To love and to be loved is a beautiful thing that allows one to flourish in every aspect of life. The companionship is different from any other type of interaction. Love that is grounded in God's Love is nourishing. The love that the world markets at its core is like a leech, always looking for opportunity to deplete and take more and more without regard for return.  But when God is at the core of love, there is a freedom to give and be what the other person needs without any  consideration for the return, because the entire experience is enveloped in mutuality. 

Mutuality is not the same as equality. Men can handle physical things that a woman was not designed to handle, and women can handle physical things that a man was not designed to handle.  Here again, the secular world attempts to rebrand what God created.  Men and women are designed by God with specific intention, and there are some distinct differences both in physical characteristics and skill sets.  For example: A man's body is not designed or equipped to bring a living breathing life into this world, but a woman's body is built receive the seed,  to carry the developing life, deliver the person into this world, and to feed the new person until the person is able to eat from other food sources. God designs with intention.

Each gender brings something complementary to the characteristics of the other.  This is by God's design.  Men and women were never created to contradict each other nor to be in competition with each other, but were created to contrast each other in a way that draws emphasis that displays the other. Men and women were designed to compliment each other.

The secular world screams for equality, but God's economy of love was created for us to bring to the other person what they dont have within their own self.  This is what physical attraction is about and is at the core necessity of intimacy.   Society attempts to devalue what is the most priceless part of how God created male and female, with distinction.  Yes, there are plenty of things that a man can do just as well as a women, and there are plenty of things that a woman can do just as well as a man.  But, when it is all said and done, we were not created for sameness, so even in having some of the same skill sets and many features in common, we are different and where created for the purpose of being what the other needs, but does not contain within self.

We must be careful not to allow similar skill sets to appear to be signs of compatibility. Team members often have the same strengths and the same passion, but each also has to bring something that the other does not have or possess.  This is what makes the team a well functioning unit and a couple is a well functioning unit, a team.

This is why it is important to be equally yoked, for the productivity of the team (2 Corinthians 6:14).  Both spiritually and naturally, this is important. When your life is connected to the life of another person, you have to agree on which direction and for what you are working towards.  Common sense would tell you that you cant have one person wanting to go North and the other person wanting to go South, because then all of their energy is depleted in the internal struggle of the team not going the same direction. When there is a tug of war in a relationship, sadly, someone wins. And this means that someone is losing ground on the direction they want to go towards. This changes what should be a win-win into a win-lose.  This is why it is so important to attach your life to someone who is spiritually going the same direction as yourself. When both individuals are determined to go in the same direction, then there is an agreement of effort that become empowering, because both are using their strengths and skills to move forward. The team wins together.

Traditional marriage is attacked because it is evident how strong a well working unit is in accomplishing anything that the team sets its mind to accomplish.  God created marriage that way, and God designed it so that LOVE is central to motivate the individuals to withstand the most challenging of times and situations to stay focused on the end result of the family.

Growing together in God is empowering. With the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost, the Christian couple is unified and formidable .

Godly love has a ripple affect of blessings in the life of the Christian.

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